Why I Give

Three women that have committed their lives to the betterment of women and girls, have something to say about why they do it. One is a call to action, one is about giving back, and one is about doing the right thing. Listen!


Once I was financially successful I could do more than talk about equity for women. If I could give, a lot of others could also. To effect change, we need money.

Judge Bettina Borders, Founder of the Women’s Fund SouthCoast and current President of the Board of Directors


The face of women’s philanthropy has changed dramatically – it has been democratized and diversified… it is grassroots and its effect is growing and its time is now.

Chrissie Bascom, Long-time supporter of the Fund


Understanding poverty means you know what it does to a person, a family, a neighborhood, a community. You know the systemic issues people face—issues they didn’t create and can’t control. You know how much strength and resilience they need to break the cycle. And you know in your heart, that they deserve more.

Manuela Rosa, Former Program Director for the LifeWork Project and member of the Women’s Fund SouthCoast Board of Directors

Every time you give, we become a stronger voice to advocate for the rights of women and girls.

Because of you we can help girls …

  • prevent teen pregnancy
  • lower school dropout rates and complete high school
  • pursue a college education or a skilled trade program
  • decrease relationship violence
  • reduce sexual assault and rape occurrences

Because of you more women can …

  • complete college or a skilled trade program
  • find meaningful, respectful fair-wage jobs
  • have access to healthcare
  • begin families when they are ready
  • afford child care
  • start their own businesses

Because of you more women will …

  • vote
  • run for elected office
  • serve on nonprofit and for-profit boards
  • reach back to give back to women and girls

Because of you we can interrupt the cycle of poverty.

Women's dollars make the difference.

Your Dollars


Women's Empowerment Progress Advancement

What Drives Us

We imagine a world in which women and girls are valued and their voices heard.

Local Impact

The success of women and girls ripples through the community to make a more just place for all.

Why Give

Local women helping local women. We advocate, we advance. Our collective voice initiates change.

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